December 2020 Newsletter

If you’ve ever wanted to slow down and try to be more intentional about your daily routines, then this TED talk is for you! Becky

November 2020 Newsletter

November is a time of remembering blessings. If gratitude is on your mind this season, try sharing what you’re thankful for with your students, or

October 2020 Newsletter

Learning a new skill is like climbing a mountain: it takes lots of energy, and you might stumble and trip along the way. But hopefully

September 2020 Newsletter

The start of a new school year is exciting. New students, new connections, fresh starts. 2020 is a year that could really use a “restart”

August 2020 Newsletter

Who would have thought the past school year would be so challenging, especially for instructors and students! Thank you for making lemonade out of lemons

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