Student Ambassadors

Apply for the opportunity to become an MTECH Student Ambassador.

Student Ambassadors are representatives of MTECH. Ambassadors help with campus events and campus tours. They offer their support and become a voice for the MTECH student body. Students can choose their length of service, from between 6 months to 12 months. Ambassadors will be given a $200 per month scholarship, up to $2,400.

Adriana Valenzuela

Nurse Assistant program

Hi! My name is Adri Valenzuela. I am finishing my CNA certification here at MTECH. Having the opportunity to be a Student Ambassador has been so fun and rewarding. I’ve loved being able to be a voice for the school, as well as another tool for students and individuals that are looking to make that next step in their education. This is such a great opportunity to give back to a school that has been genuine and welcoming in my path to furthering my education.

Anastasia Terry

Medical Assisting program

There are several reasons I decided to apply for student ambassador. First, I wanted the opportunity to get to know and befriend more people. Not just people in my program. Second, I wanted the experience of immersing myself in the school. Third, I love the school and want to be able to share it with others. Finally, it has and will help me achieve my goals and give me the leadership skills I need to better my future.

Caidance Callaway

Dental Assisting program

I wanted to be an ambassador at MTECH to help students recognize all the programs and potential MTECH has for students. I: love being an ambassador now and having another community to be a part of! I am thankful for the opportunity that MTECH's given me to be an ambassador and share my experiences with others when welcoming them into this wonderful community.

Jenika Evans

Medical Assisting program

I became an Ambassador to help people, whether it be fellow students going through their program or individuals trying to find the right place for them to learn. I've loved my time in my MTECH program and have wanted to learn more about the school and all it has to offer through its terrific programs, resources, and the people who work here. I am happy that this program allows me to do both of these and make a difference in the areas that are important to me.

Laurel Cuellar

Digital Marketing program

I wanted to be an ambassador because a year ago, I wouldn't have even considered applying. I wanted to do something that scared me and would help me grow not only professionally but as a person.

Owen Winward

Information Technology program

I became an ambassador because I wanted to be more active in MTech. I saw how the staff had a passion and appreciation for the school and genuinely enjoyed their job, and that is something that I would like to be a part of. Learning more about the school and having others feel welcome so that they can be successful.


  • Open to high school and post-high school students
  • Ambassadors are required to provide 5 hours of time per week in activities/responsibilities directly relating to the ambassador program 
  • Must maintain MTECH’s attendance and progress policy
  • Attend ambassador meetings
  • Willing to be a representative of the MTECH student body
  • Professional in appearance and demeanor
  • Outgoing and energetic 



  • Attend scheduled meetings and activities
  • Attend discussion meetings with the President of MTECH
  • Represent the college at career fairs, school visits, and other informational programs
  • Lead campus tours
  • Assist as needed in the planning and/or implementation of special activities such as MTECH day
  • Participate in workshops and in-service training as scheduled
  • Positively represent the MTECH student body
  • Participate in any community affairs projects or events
  • Maintain a three-strike system
  • Any other duties as assigned