Upon satisfactory completion (80% or higher) of all exams, assignments, professionalism, program attendance (95%), and payment of all college costs and fees, students will be eligible for a clinical externship. Students may only begin their externship after they have passed all three final competencies (instrumentation final, written final, mock surgery final). All students must be fully prepared, able, and willing to represent MTECH in a professional manner. 

The Surgical Technology Program Director and Clinical Instructor arrange clinical externship placements for all students at appropriate facilities. The student is responsible for transportation to and from the externship sites. No concession or guarantees will be made regarding the distance, day, time, instructor, facility or other student preference. 

The externship experience id s period of learning, observing, and practicing the skills learned in the student's program. Upon completion of a clinical externship site rotation, the clinical externship supervisor will complete an evaluation report of the student's performance. Failure to perform professionally while on a clinical externship rotation, including speech or demeanor, which reflects poorly on the college or affiliated clinical externship site, may results in dismissal from the clinical site and/or college. 

Students are expected to complete their clinical externship experience within the period allotted. 

Students must not schedule breaks, vacations, or major life events during their program course or clinical externship, nor schedule a break between the end of the classroom portion and the externship period. It may be necessary to assign a student to a clinical externship training facility that is up to 60 miles one way from the MTECH campus. 

Each Surgical Technology student is required to fulfill the Tech in Surgery - Certified (NCCT) Critical Skill Competency requirements on their externship. These procedures are broken down into general and speciality procedures and the scrub roles required. These requirements will be explained when the student is eligible for clinical externship training. 

To complete the Surgical Technology Program, the student is required to sit for and pass the Tech in Surgery-Certified (TS-C), certification exam through the NCCT. 

Students must be BLS Certified before going out on externship. All participating surgical facilities and hospitals require that each student be BLS Healthcare Provider certified prior to entrance into the surgical facility for externship training. It is mandatory that ALL students attend the on-campus BLS Healthcare Provider course as part of the Surgical Technology Program. 

All students must maintain progress at a rate of 80% (B grade) or better, Failing to do so will result in the student being placed on probation. The student must raise their progress to 80% according to their Academic Improvement Plan or the student will be dismissed from the program due to lack of progress. All students must maintain an attendance rate of 95% or better. Failing to do so may result in the student being placed on probation and dismissed from the program. 

Due to the hands-on nature of the training received, attendance is very important in all MTECH programs. It is very difficult to make up for missed training and as a result, 85% attendance is required in all MTECH programs. However, due to state licensure requirements, some programs have stricter attendance requirements that need to be met in order to receive the license. The instructors of those programs will explain the attendance rules. Students are responsible to notify the instructor before upcoming absences or emergencies that arise that may cause them to miss class, lab or clinical externship. The MTECH Surgical Technology Program requires 95% attendance. 

Surgical Technology Program students are required to wear program specific scrubs. The scrub uniform is a pewter/gray scrub top and a black scrub pant. This scrub uniform is available for purchase, by the student, from the surgical technology programs on-line All Heart scrub uniform store. Upon acceptance in to the surgical technology program the student will be given directions on how to create their own account and order their scrub uniform from the on-line store. The complete scrub uniform is required on the first day of class. Closed toe shoes, in good repair, and that are liquid repellant, are to be worn at all times during lab and class. Open-toe shoes, canvas shoes, flip-flops, slippers, and sandals are not allowed for the safety of the student. 

Students will wear their school uniform scrubs upon entrance to and upon exit from the college campus and all clinical externship site facilities. Students may be required to change from their school uniform scrubs into the clinical externship site approved scrubs at the facility. Students dressed inappropriately for class or for a clinical externship site will be directed to leave the site. If a student fails to comply with the dress standards after counseling by the Program Director or instructor, the student will meet with the Academic and Career Counselor. The student will improve or the student's dismissal will be required. Jewelry of any kind is prohibited at all clinical externship site assignments, according to the policy of the assigned facility. This includes visible piercings of the ear, eyebrow, cheek, tongue, lip, and other surfaces. Failure to adhere to this college and industry standard may result in a student's dismissal from the program. Fingernails are required to be short and free of polish. Artificial, acrylic, gel, or dipped nails are prohibited, as they harbor copious amounts of microbes. Failure to adhere to this college and industry standards may result in a student's dismissal from the program. Good hygiene and grooming are essential. The college and all surgical site facilities are smoking and vaping free campuses.