In-Kind and Supplies

If you have supplies or equipment that you feel could be used by MTECH students, email with a brief description of your item and which area you think it could be useful for. MTECH can only accept contributions that can be used to benefit students in our programs.
Equipment and supplies that are commonly used at MTECH:
Cars, transmissions, and engines, especially after 2004, ideally after 2012. These do not need to work.
Diesel truck major parts: engines, transmissions, differentials.
Full working Diesel trucks, cement mixers, dump trucks.
Steel scrap for welding
Medical supplies and equipment as used in nursing, emergency and surgery.
Major plumbing, HVAC, and electrical appliances such as water heaters, furnaces.
Equipment and supplies that are commonly used at MTECH:
Diesel and Automotive
Culinary Arts
This year has presented me many difficult decisions. The most pressing was if I was going to stay in school or not and if it would even be feasible. I decided to take the risk and have been working double time in order to finish MTECH as soon as possible and get out into the workforce.

While my friends and family have been helping to support me throughout this endeavor, this scholarship will go far in alleviating some worries and anxieties with my continuing medical expenses.
Medical Billing and Coding