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We use Simple Syllabus to collect, track, and maintain syllabi for courses and programs at MTECH. Read this article to get started. To log in, visit


If you are an instructor, upon logging in you will see on your Dashboard a list of courses that you teach, and three sections you can fill out:

  • Instructor Information
  • Class Schedule
  • Schedule Details

Program Coordinators

As a program coordinator, you have access to the “Course Master” section which will allow you to enter information for your program. If there is a section you would like to add to your department’s template, that needs to be approved by your Program Director and created by OTL.

Approvers (Program Directors)

As an approver in Simple Syllabus, you will be sent completed syllabi from instructors and program coordinators. If you choose to “reject” a syllabus, it will be sent back to the instructor for further editing. If you choose to accept the syllabus, it will be prepared for publishing on the Simple Syllabus website for the public to see.

Putting your Syllabus into Canvas

Once your syllabus is completed, approved, and published to the Syllabus Library, you can easily embed your syllabus into Canvas. The Office of Teaching and Learning is also happy to help you with this.

Find your syllabus in the library, and click Share.
Under “Embedded Source” click “Copy”, then close.
In Canvas, under your Syllabus page, click “Edit” and then the raw HTML button at the bottom of the editor (looks like this: </>). Erase any existing code and copy your code from Simple Syllabus.
Updated on October 27, 2020

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