Planned Gifts

Include MTECH in your will, or trust. Many planned gifts can allow you to benefit future generations of MTECH students, while also preserving your own wealth and improving your family’s financial situation.
For example, some wealth preservation trusts can:
1) Provide an annual income to you for the rest of your life.
2) Generate a current tax deduction
3) Eliminate capital gains tax and reduce estate tax
4) Change the lives of future MTECH students.


To learn more, click here or email, or call Varden Hadfield at 801-753-7230.
To include MTECH in your will, please email for appropriate legal language.
Since taking this course it has made me so excited for my future and I am for sure going into nursing! MTECH has such a good educational program and everyone should consider going through one of their courses!
CNA Student