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To support MTECH’s mission to enhance the employability of individuals by improving the overall learning experience for students and Faculty, encourage lifelong learning, and support professional development.

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Doug Smith Dealerships

Doug Smith Automotive dealerships representatives regularly visit with students and faculty. They regularly provide used transmissions and automotive parts for students to work on, and have introduced MTECH to Subaru of America. This Subaru partnership has provided several new and used vehicles for MTECH student automotive lab use, as well as diagnostic tools and dealership specific training. With this partnership, students have been able to work on some of the latest technology used in current dealerships.
Doug Smith Website

Revere Health

Revere Health CEO Scott Barlow serves on the MTECH board of directors and regularly advises on curriculum and job preparation for students. Revere Health provides generous annual cash support for our Medical Technology program, and externships, internships, and job opportunities for graduates.
Revere Health Website

Clyde Companies

Clyde Companies provided a significant contribution to support the Diesel Technology lab at the Lehi Trades and Technology Building. CEO Jeremy Hafen gives generously of his time in his role on the MTECH Board of directors.

In addition, Clyde Companies including Sunroc and Geneva Rock, have provided generous in-kind support and student educational support to MTECH programs. Contributions included used transmissions, engines, and other parts for students to learn from.
Clyde Website

Larry H. Miller Dealerships

Larry H. MIller Dealerships became involved with MTECH After the Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation provided a significant donation to equip the automotive lab at the MTECH Lehi Trades and Technology Building.

The Larry H. Miller Dealerships regularly visit classes to educate students and provide incentives for MTECH graduates who begin work at Larry H. Miller Dealerships. They also have provided several well-running and recently manufactured used vehicles for MTECH automotive students. Finally, introductions to global automotive manufacturing brands including Ford Motor Company, have been very helpful.
Larry H. Miller Website

Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare has provided $50,000 each of the past several years for scholarships in healthcare to ensure all students of a wide variety of backgrounds have access to top quality education in our health programs. Intermountain facilities provide externship and internship opportunities for students in surgical technology, and regularly educate and recruit MTECH students for jobs. Intermountain executives also frequently serve on the MTECH Board of Directors.

In addition, Intermountain Healthcare has provided dozens of pallets full of medical supplies for MTECH students to use in our health and medical programs. All of these supplies are new and sanitary, and the same kinds of supplies used currently in medical offices and hospitals. This has been a tremendous benefit and allows MTECH to focus limited financial resources on students' education.
Intermountain Healthcare Website

Norco/Miller Welding

Norco donates Miller welding equipment to fully equip all our welding labs in the Orem Campus and Lehi Trades and Technology Building. They also replaced this with new equipment at least every two years. As a result, all welding students at MTECH have access to the same top of the line welders and equipment that they will use when working in industry.

The partnership has increased the quality of education for MTECH students, and also increased sales of Miller Welding equipment through Norco.
Norco Website
Miller Website