OTL Newsletters

Who would have thought the past school year would be so challenging, especially for instructors and students! Thank you for making lemonade out of lemons for your students. We are working hard to improve processes and procedures to serve you better, and look forward to a successful 2020-2021 school year. Stay safe!

Upcoming Events

New Student Orientation Video

At Faculty Meeting in December 2019, we collected your feedback about policies that students frequently misunderstand. We used that information to create a New Student Orientation video. It will be a required video quiz assignment in Canvas (replacing the NSO acknowledgement assignment), and is available on the New Student Orientation portion of the website.

View New Faculty Orientation in Bridge

Starting this August, new instructors will automatically be enrolled in a Faculty Orientation within Bridge. It covers some basics about teaching skills, using Canvas, and grading practices. Going forward, it will be assigned to all new instructors, including substitutes. Thank you to the program coordinators who reviewed it and provided feedback!

Watch July's Webinar

Did you miss the webinar in July showcasing Canvas courses and module templates? We saved the webinar as a Bridge course for you to view at your own pace. Hats off to the Nail Technician Program and Central Sterile Technician Program who have been working hard to design their content and activities!

New Quizzes in Canvas

Canvas is coming out with New Quizzes, which will be standard by July 2021. It has some great new features:

We recommend testing out New Quizzes during this school year in preparation for next year when the old quizzes go away.

Troubleshooting Guide in Classrooms

Student Services and OTL often see the same issues over and over again when students have problems accessing Canvas on their first day in class. We created a troubleshooting guide for each classroom and will be distributing these before the August start date.

Sharing Settings in Google Drive/Canvas

If you want your students to be able to see Google Drive content, the sharing settings inside of the Google Drive must be turned on in a specific way. When you click "Share" inside of a Google Doc, Slide, Spreadsheet, link sharing must be turned on for everyone at Mountainland Technical College to "view" the item. See the image below.

Make sure it says "anyone at Mountainland Technical College with this link can view"