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Image by jplenio from Pixabay (CCO)

The start of a new school year is exciting. New students, new connections, fresh starts. 2020 is a year that could really use a "restart" button. We hope you and your students take time to reflect and take care of yourselves while we continue teaching and learning with the safety guidelines. We also hope that your use of technology improves the student experience. We have some exciting things coming up. Thank you for reading our newsletter!

Upcoming OTL Events

Canvas Profile Pictures

In an effort to increase our professionalism and consistency across the website and Canvas, all instructor Canvas profile pictures must be the one taken by HR. Your profile photos will be updated by OTL in the coming weeks.

Camera and Microphone Equipment Sign-Out

OTL has some high-quality audio and video recording equipment that instructors occasionally would like to borrow for teaching. If you want to borrow something from OTL, please use the equipment sign-out form here.

Virtual InstructureCon 2020

Are you interested in learning more about Canvas? InstructureCon is being held online on October 15th. See the schedule and register for any potentially interesting sessions here.

New Canvas Guides

The Canvas Community and Guides have migrated from one online platform to another. You can now save this URL to access the Canvas Guides: https://guides.instructure.com/ We recommend bookmarking this (ctrl+D or cmd+D) so that when you have questions about Canvas you can easily search for answers.

New Bridge Courses

Canvas Course Evaluations

This fall, OTL will be using this evaluation form to evaluate every Canvas course. Some courses have already been evaluated prior to Fall start. Thank you for helping us create an environment of continuous improvement!

Building Online Activities

Would you like more interactive online content for your program or course? Submit your requests for interactive content here.