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2022 is coming to a close! OTL has gone through a number of changes this year with hiring new personnel, and we’re working hard to capitalize on new opportunities to support MTECH and its faculty. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way. We’re looking forward to 2023!

Speaking of the new year, there are a few reminders and announcements we wanted to send out.

Upcoming Dates to Know


Brent Gregson - Faculty Development Specialist

Tech Tip

As instructors, you likely find yourself answering the same questions multiple times. To save time you might find yourself copying and pasting a generic response from one reply to the next. Did you know you can take that reply and create a Template email in Gmail? You’ll likely have to enable it in your account settings, but once you have a few template emails setup, they are quick and easy to use. Read Google’s guide here on how to set this up.