OTL Newsletters

Alan Barth, OTL Director

OTL is growing! Please welcome the newest member of the team: Alan Barth, who will be the new OTL Director. He was previously over the Mobile Development Program. The department now has 5 employees who are here to serve you:

You will hear more from Alan in the future OTL newsletters!

Upcoming Events

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Online Learning Consortium

Exciting news! We now have an institutional membership with the Online Learning Consortium. They provide webinars and other training opportunities to help improve Hybrid and Online instruction.

Visit this page and scroll down to "OLC Institutional Membership Account Setup" to see how to create your free account. Contact OTL if you have any questions about this.

Class Activity Idea: Group Grids

Are you looking for some new group activities for your classroom? Try group grids as a way for students to review, organize, and conceptualize information that they've learned in your course or program.

To download a template for the Group Grid activity, visit the KP Cross Institute website: https://kpcrossacademy.org/techniques/group-grid/