Are you planning to test from home using Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor? Here is some information you should be aware of before you do this.


If this is your first time taking a test with Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor from home, please read this quick start guide:

Lockdown Browser will only work on a regular laptop (not Chromebook), or desktop computer, or on an iPad. It cannot be downloaded onto a phone. Students should have a webcam in the computer they use for testing. If they do not have one, Respondus Monitor will not work.

You will need the link to download Lockdown Browser onto your computer. You can get this from your instructor.


Attend a Webinar

This is required! Respondus offers regular webinars that explain in detail how Respondus Monitor works. You can ask questions and get trained on how it works within Canvas. Sign up for a webinar here:

Do a Test Run

If you can create a mock-test for students so they can get used to how Respondus works, that will ensure that they don't have any hidden surprises when they start doing remote testing. This will also allow you time to see what kind of feedback you can get out of Respondus Monitor.

Reviewing Test Footage

If you're overwhelmed by the amount of video footage you might have to review when students finish their test, contact the testing center to get a proctor who can review the test video footage for you and notify you of suspicious activity.