How do I resubmit my syllabus if it got rejected?

Simple Syllabus has an approval process, which requires your Program Director and/or their designated assistant to approve your syllabus. If they see changes that need to be made, they may […]

Transparent Assignment Design

Transparent Assignment Design is a process of making sure students understand the Purpose, Task, and Criteria of assignments and activities they engage in for your class. Using this outline, you […]

Course Creation Workflow

Creating new Canvas courses (especially new Blueprints) takes time and careful planning. It is usually the joint effort between an OTL design lead and a Faculty member to carefully review […]

Talent Release Form for Filming Video

When we make instructional videos, we need to have participants sign a talent release form, giving us the right to share and edit the video we film. The Office of […]

Hybrid Activity Standards

If your program has been approved to be Hybrid, there are some minimum standards that your hybrid activities must meet in order to count toward the program hours and be […]

Curriculum Evaluation Process

The Office of Teaching and Learning wants to help you make the most effective use of Canvas as possible, and in order to do that, we have our Curriculum Developer […]

Blueprint Courses

Canvas has a feature that allows you to use a course blueprint, which, when updated, can sync updates with associated courses. So it’s like a master course that can immediately […]

Canvas Course Evaluation Checklist

Whether or not your program is hybrid, lock-step, open entry/open exit, chances are you’re using Canvas to deliver student experience and content, and to help keep track of grades. To […]