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This spring, we are ready for new beginnings! This month OTL is bringing something very special to you: a webinar with a classroom veteran where you can learn about turning your classroom into a place of positivity and joy. Read more in the Upcoming Events section.

Upcoming Events

Our April 2021 Webinar will be taught by Amanda Burton. Ms. Burton taught English at Lone Peak High School for nearly a decade, where she was a Student Council Advisor (2015-2019) and was awarded Teacher of the Year (2017).  She believes in the life-changing, soul-expanding power of education and devoted teachers. Her classroom management philosophy is to "Turn up the Positive!" and work side-by-side with students in achieving their academic potential. Amanda holds a Masters of Education and Administrative Leadership from Southern Utah University.

Learning Science Spotlight: Read, Recite Review Reading System

Do you have students who struggle to remember what they read from their textbook? Consider teaching them the Read, Recite, Review (3R) system.

  1. Read a chapter or section of the textbook
  2. Recite what they remember into a recorder (without looking at the book)
  3. Review the chapter

A study was conducted where students tried using this reading system, and compared to other students who took notes, or just re-read, these students performed better on the test they took afterward. The 3R is a simple and effective reading strategy that students can count on. Consider suggesting this method to your students this month.

Canvas Feature Spotlight: Canvas Reports

Have you ever wanted to get a report of all of a student's missing or late assignments? There's a feature for that in Canvas! By clicking on New Analytics and selecting the Reports tab, you can run a report for missing, late, and excused assignments. Watch the video below for details.

Curriculum Development Program

We are excited to share a new Curriculum Development Program in Bridge. It takes about 4 hours to complete and contains some information you might have already read from the Faculty Orientation. We recommend all full time instructors or any employee with a role in developing curriculum take this program.