OTL Newsletters

Happy New Year! This year OTL expanding what we offer in our newsletter to include two new topics each month: a Canvas feature spotlight, and a learning science spotlight. Each section will include a brief video to help you know how you can implement the tools and skills into your own teaching. Make a goal this year to incorporate proven skills and technology tools into your teaching, and watch your students flourish!

Upcoming Events

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Beginning/End of Course Checklists

Make sure your Canvas courses for the new semester are set up correctly by using these checklists! There are links with helpful instructions about how to do each step in there.

Canvas Feature Spotlight: Assignment Enhancement - Student

This month, we are highlighting Assignment Enhancement - Student. This feature option provides a better experience viewing online assignment submissions in desktop view for students. It even gives an easy way for students to mark up a PDF assignment submission on the web browser. The following video will explain how the feature option works.

Learning Science Spotlight: Dual Coding

One learning theory says that everyone has a specific learning style (like visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) and you should teach or provide materials to match a student's individual learning style. That theory has been debunked (as in, studies have shown that students don't actually have better outcomes when you teach to a specific style for individuals). A better way to think about helping all of your students learn and retain information is to use Dual Coding. Dual Coding means that you use visual and verbal/written inputs simultaneously for students to learn something.

Watch this video to learn more about how teachers incorporate Dual Coding into their classroom strategies to help students learn concepts.

2020 Webinars in Review

OTL presented over fourteen webinars in 2020. If you'd like to make sure you've seen all the webinar content from 2020, enroll in this program. You can also enroll in the Bridge courses individually by clicking on the title of the webinar below. Topics include: