Mountainland Scholarship Fund

Scholarships Change Lives

Your contributions help students focus on the skills they need to land a high demand, high-paying job right away.
MTECH’s cost of education is already very modest because the Taxpayers of Utah subsidize the vast majority of the cost. But when you’ve recently been divorced, lost a job, or are just starting out on your own for the first time, even a few thousand dollars tuition can be a struggle.
Your contribution can make a difference in two categories:
Need Based Scholarships

This fund supports students who struggle financially to afford school. Some students are in high school from large families and struggle to afford the extra fees in classes. Others are single parents supporting their own families, have medical challenges and expenses, or already have a degree but need a job skill to transition into a high-demand career. Scholarship support helps them focus on their schooling and finish programs they’ve started.

This funding especially focuses on need-based awards for students who don’t qualify for adequate Federal Pell Grant or other state funding. Some have children they support as they work through school or other financial obligations that make completing programs difficult.

A relatively small investment for as little as one year can make a tremendous difference in a student’s life.

Presidential Scholarship Fund

This fund supports the most outstanding students at MTECH based on faculty nominations.

Students are nominated by faculty, approved by program directors, and congratulated personally by the College President.

This funding accomplishes three things at once:
1) Allows the most diligent students to focus and excel in their studies that lead to successful careers,
2) Inspires other students throughout the school about what is possible,
3) Demonstrates to the public and prospective students the tremendous opportunities for excellence in technical education fields.

Students will enjoy personal recognition as Presidential Scholars by the College President, and honored by faculty and administrators at a recognition lunch.

Create your own Scholarship

Want to personally meet your scholarship recipient? With a contribution of $2,000 or more, you can name your scholarship fund and visit personally with a scholarship recipient at our annual scholarship banquet.
With a contribution of $50,000, you can create a permanent scholarship endowment that will award a scholarship every year into the future. For more information, contact
“MTECH has helped me get back on my desired career path in healthcare, while still being able to support my family.”
Stephanie Reynolds
Medical Assistant Student