Part of teaching is helping students succeed in class. The following resources can help you help your students succeed in your class or program.

How I Earned an "A" Assignment

Self-regulation is an important life skill. This assignment (attached at the bottom of this article) is meant to be given at the beginning of a program or course. It will guide students to think about six dimensions of self-regulation they can control to help them succeed: Goal Setting, Environment Structuring, Task Strategies, Time Management, Help Seeking, and Self-Evaluation. You may download the document and put it into your Canvas course as an assignment.

If you like, you can follow up with students periodically about how they are using the self regulation dimensions that they mentioned in the assignment. Let them rate themselves on how well they are doing so you can get a better idea of how they are progressing and if they are sticking to some of the goals and strategies they mentioned.

Reducing Test Anxiety

This video, which is geared toward students, discusses ways to reduce test anxiety so students will do their best! You are welcome to share this video or even turn it into an assignment for your class.

Note Taking Strategies

This video discusses effective note taking strategies so your students will actually get more out of class without feeling overwhelmed by taking notes!

Textbook Reading Strategies

Do your students have a lot of textbook reading as part of the course? Show them this video which will give them some ideas for reading faster and learning more out of what they do read.

Thomas Frank: College Info Geek

Thomas Frank is a blogger with a YouTube channel who regularly shares tips for studying and making the most of life while in college. He publishes articles, podcasts, and short videos on a variety of topics, including flash card creation and study systems, career skills, technology resources for students, and tips for staying physically and mentally healthy. He has an informal and engaging way of connecting with viewers, and uses some of the research behind learning science to back up his tips, without sounding stuffy. Use one or two of his videos that you find helpful to get your students thinking strategically about succeeding in college, and in life!