OTL Newsletters


Fall 2022 Newsletter

2022 is coming to a close! OTL has gone through a number of changes this year with hiring new personnel, and we’re working hard to capitalize on new opportunities to

Summer 2022 Newsletter (Q3)

OTL is always changing! We have a new Instructional Designer who will be starting with us: Autumn Krogh; Johnny Vargas has transitioned into a full-time role as our LMS Administrator.

Spring 2022 Newsletter (Q2)

OTL is growing! Please welcome the newest member of the team: Alan Barth, who will be the new OTL Director. He was previously over the Mobile Development Program. The department

Winter 2022 Newsletter (Q1)

Preparing for the next semester starts now! This newsletter comes out in preparation for each quarter so here are the upcoming important events for you to know about to make

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